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Announcing our Zapier Integration for Easier Automation between your tools and Postal Methods.

02 May

Announcing our Zapier Integration for Easier Automation between your tools and Postal Methods.

We are excited to announce we now offer a native Zapier integration! With this integration, you can easily connect Postal Methods with more than 2000 apps to automate sending your documents seamlessly between your tools and Postal Methods.

Zapier is the ideal platform for automating tedious manual processes without having to know or understand coding and lets you connect your apps into automated workflows so that every person and every business can move forward at a growth speed.

We’re proud to offer this integration as it makes the task of sending your mail easier and more efficient.

Integration overview

Zapier gives you the ability to connect Postal Methods to thousands of other business tools – like Slack, MailChimp, Gmail, and Trello – to automate your tedious workflows. In just minutes, you can set up automated Zaps to correct, standardize, and enrich addresses, as well as send automated using Triggers from pre-built integrations.

  • Zapier integrates Postal Methods with thousands of other business applications
  • Set up automations, called ‘Zaps’, to automate repetitive tasks
  • No coding required
  • Sign up for a free Zapier account to create automated workflows
  • Zapier integrations are great for sending mail at small scale, instead of manually, but are not a replacement for a proper integration when sending mail in large batches (hundreds/thousands).
  • If you are passing in links to image files for your content, use a high availability service like S3 to avoid issues with timeouts. If we are unable to access your content it will not render properly.

Integration directions

Integrate with Zapier in 4 simple steps:

  1. Sign up for Postal Methods and Zapier accounts
  2. Connect Postal Methods to Zapier, within the Zapier interface
  3. Connect any other apps/services (for example, where you store customer data) to Zapier, in order to then connect them with Postal Methods
  4. Create custom workflows or leverage popular automations with pre-existing Zaps

Every Zap requires one connected app to be used as the Trigger, which is where your information comes from, and this causes one or more Action steps to occur in other apps, which is where your data gets sent to.

Getting started with Postal Methods & Zapier

Sign up for a free Postal Methods account. You can send Test API requests for free to start, or instantly begin sending real mail by simply adding a payment method to your account.

Sign up for a free Zapier account, where you will begin building the automation.

Connecting Postal Methods to Zapier

  • Log in to your Postal Methods Account
  • Log in to your Zapier account
  • Navigate to “Connected Accounts” from the top menu bar in Zapier
  • Now click on “Connect new account” and search for “Postal Methods”
  • Use your Test Postal Methods API Key to connect your Postal Methods account to Zapier
  • Start with your Test API Key so that you can set up and test your Zap without sending live mail initially.
  • Once connected, you can start creating an Automation! Use a pre-made Zap, or create your own with the Zap Editor.

Need inspiration? See everything that’s possible with Postal Methods and Zapier

Once you’ve tested your first Zap, all that is needed is switch your Postal Methods API key to the Live Key to begin sending actual mail!