Use the PostalMethods Web Form to send letters online or postcards quickly and easily. Just fill in the recipient and return addresses, write the content of the letter or paste content from MS Word and send the letter on its way. It’s easy!

Sending Letters Online Using Quicksend:


You can write your letter using Microsoft Word, copy it, click the “Paste From Word” icon on the left part of the top toolbar and paste into the opened box. This will paste your content, just as you have edited it in Microsoft Word.

When the number of available lines per page is exceeded, a new page will be added. You can determine where a new page should begin: position the text marker where you want the new page to begin and click the “Insert Page Break” icon, which is the rightmost icon on the top toolbar.

To single space lines (i.e., no white-space between paragraphs), use SHIFT + ENTER instead of just ENTER.

As a reminder, you must have your account Work Mode set to Production (Click on User Settings/General) and a balance on your account (upper right corner Balance (USD)) in order to mail your letter. If you are in development mode, you can test as much as you would like.

Sending Postcards Online Using QuickSend:

Enter the Recipient Postal Address

The postcard is sent to this address. Addresses are validated online before they are submitted. The address is validated according to the USPS database and fails in case it is not accurate.

Write a Description

This description is displayed in the activity tables and can help you identify your postcard later on.

Compose Your Postcard

Write the content of your postcard. You may use different colors and fonts. Click Preview and see how your postcard will look.

Upload an Image

Upload an image to be displayed on the image (front) side of your postcard. Click Preview to display your postcard.

Send Your Postcard

Click on the Simulate Postcard to simulate your postcard or the Send Live Postcard button (available to paying customers only) to send your postcard to its recipient.

How to Place Content in Postcards

The PostalMethods postcard has – prepare for a big surprise – two sides:


PostalMethods Postcard – Image Side

Image Side: a.k.a front side or non-address side. the side that does not contain the address.

PostalMethods Postcard – Address Side

Address Side: a.k.a. the side where the address and personalized message is found.


Image Side

This is the side on which you would usually find colorful images of ski slopes, tigers in the savanna, the Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls. Another definition is the side on which the address and stamp are NOT located. Textual and/or image content may be placed anywhere on this side of the postcard.

Multiple postcards are printed on a large sheet of paper and are later cut to their final size. The cutting knives might deviate slightly and miss the intended cutting line. To make sure your postcard looks at its best in any scenario, use the following design instructions:

Trim Line

Indicates the line aimed at by the cutting knives. When accurate, the postcard size is exactly 4.25 inch high and 6 inch wide.

Bleed Line

Indicates the maximum “outbound” deviation. The maximum size of the postcard may be 4.5 inch high and 6.25 inch wide. For this reason, the image designed to be placed on the Image Side should have this physical size. If the image is smaller, the original white color of the postcard may be visible.

Safe Area

Indicates the maximum “inbound” deviation. The minimal size of the postcard may be 4 inch high and 5.75 inch wide. For this reason, important content that must be visible to the recipient should not be placed outside the Safe Area. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to add another 1/8 of an inch on each side, making the safe area 3.75 inch high and 5.5 inch wide.

Address Side

This is the side on which the address and stamp are placed. Typically, the recipient postal address appears at the bottom-right area and the stamp at the top-right area. Textual or image content may be placed at the left side of the Address Side.

The bottom area of the postcard is reserved for the postal barcode and may not be used for placing content. The main content area on this size begins on the top left corner, 0.375″ from both the left and top borders of the card. Its size is 3.375 inch high and 3.125 inch wide.

The size of the provided document should be the full size (4.5″ x 6.25″) of the card and include the content that goes in the content portion (3.375″ x 3.125″). PostalMethods prints the document on the card and then covers the reserved areas – barcode, postal address and indicia (postage). The recipient address that was provided in the Web Service call is then printed in its designated area.

Consider using the provided postcard templates.

For a tour of our Control Panel, click here.

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