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Companies are always looking for avenues to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Postal Method’s QuickSend portal is a perfect tool to use when considering outsourcing print and mail operations.

The Postal Method’s QuickSend service is purposely built for ease and efficiency. Through our revolutionary offerings, companies can send letters using multiple processes. These are methods such as optimizing team organization, usage tracking, easily built templates and a time saving address book system.

Letter Services

Through the Postal Method’s portal, your company can streamline the creation and delivery process, while also placing you in full control of how we handle your project. Listed below are the innovative ways that we help users create, upload and send letters.

Creating a letter using the QuickSend portal has never been easier. Users can create a document with a familiar interface including customization options in fonts, paragraph formatting, colors and much more. Our program also facilitates custom options in regard to single sided or duplex printing, black or color and more.

Once a letter is created, the user will enter the from and send to addresses.  If a user would like to utilize use the created letter for a different mailing in the future, the created letter can be saved as a template.

Upload your file into Postal Methods and if needed, you can opt to add a cover page with the address and any additional desired text. Postal Methods accepts documents in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. Should you have any questions about the file size requirements for your project, a member of our team can help answer any and all questions prior to your submission.

Our portal also allows you to automate the addition of names and addresses from your database into Postal Methods. Easily send letters to multiple recipients by uploading a CSV file, merged with your desired letter template. Match the CSV file fields with the Postal Methods fields to seamlessly mail letters to all your desired recipients.

The Postal Methods portal is a powerful tool capable of handling multi document projects. Users can simply upload one zip file containing multiple documents to be mailed. Once loaded into the portal, identify where the addresses are on each document. Easily divide out your documents by number of pages, first page indicator or manually. This process allows us to accurately sort your physical letters prior to our prompt delivery services.

User Guide for QuickSend

If you seek more detailed information about our QuickSend letter services, please refer to our user guide.

Additional Benefits of QuickSend

QuickSend is built to optimize a company’s print and mail operation workflow. These additional services offer users a great experience with countless abilities to customize and efficiently use Postal Methods to save valuable time and money.

The services listed below allow the administrators within your businesses full control of their teams while also optimizing the way QuickSend is used.

The new and innovative Postal Methods portal expands the benefits of a user’s account. At an administrator level, employee user accounts can now be created and assigned to specific departments to better organize accounts and track usage. This is a helpful and excellent money-saving feature for all businesses who send out significant quantities of letters from different departments on a regular basis.

Use our portal to improve your delivery accuracy but most importantly reduce returned mail. The address verification feature allows users to verify if an address is valid according to the official USPS list.

Let us help you:

  • Enhance your marketing
  • Save time on future projects
  • Improve customer communication
  • Reduce mailing costs
  • Eliminate time wasted on updating your data

Keep your contacts at your fingertips and ready for letter receipt at the quick click of a mouse. The Postal Methods portal allows users to import contacts into an individually created address book. The address book conveniently automates the return and sent to addressing process, making it easy to prepare letters for contacts without having to addressing information each time.

The Perfect Solution to Today’s Print and Mail Challenge

Today’s businesses face the ongoing challenge of upholding an efficient and budget conscious mail communications process. Postal Methods prides itself on being the helping hand companies seek out to make their print and mail operations as seamless and cost effective as possible. Our QuickSend portal system is the perfect solution to the difficulties businesses face in the current climate.