Welcome to Postal Methods.


What Can I Use PostalMethods for?

  • Invoicing – Mail invoices and order confirmations directly from order processing systems.
  • Healthcare – Mail your patients their test results immediately when they are ready.
  • Accounting – Automatically send past-due payment notes.
  • Property Management – Send rent payment letter reminders and postcard alerts.
  • Regulatory – Comply with regulatory acts and automatically send mandatory notification letters such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and similar.
  • Reminders – Send personalized periodical notifications to your customers.
  • And many more…

How Do I Send a Letter?

You can submit messages by any of the following methods:

Compose a Letter

Log in to the QuickSend Portal Portal, click on Compose a Letter.  Fill in the recipient and return addresses, and write the content of the letter. You can also upload a document. Your written letter will show first and any files you upload will come after.   Preferences are available if you chose.  Quick and easy!

Upload Letter

Log in to the QuickSend Portal Portal, and click on Upload Letter.  Provide a description and upload your document.  Fill in the recipient and return addresses which will be the cover page for your document. You can also upload more documents if needed.  Choose any preferences such as color print, reply envelope, or perforated paper, and click on send!

Mail Merge

Mail Merge is found in our QuickSend Portal Portal.  It allows you to upload a CSV file and merge it with a template you created in Postal Methods.  You can also use saved addresses in your address book rather than a CSV file.

Multi Docs

Multi Docs can be used if you have one file containing multiple documents to be mailed.  This allows you to highlight the address within your document to ensure it is mailed properly. You can then choose how to divide the documents:  By number of pages, by a first page identifier or select each document manually.

Simply Send an Email

Send an email to send@secure.postalmethods.com with your letter as an attachment as explained in our Email Delivery section. Don’t forget you must use the proper format that includes the address in the correct location on the letter. The size limit for attachments is 25 MB.

You can also send multiple letters in one email by zipping the documents together before sending.  Again, be sure that the address is in the proper location on the documents.  The size limit for attachments is 25 MB.

Directly From Your Own Application

Set the customer’s email address to go to send@secure.postalmethods.com or program a script to submit a message through our API.  The from or reply address must be setup in the Emails section of the Account Settings.


Our new RESTful API allows you to easily integrate with your own system.  Notes and documentation can be found at https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/10877655/TVKD3dba

Directly From These Widely Used Applications

You can efficiently send letters by integrating PostalMethods to the following applications and Services: Salesforce, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, Blesta, Microsoft Office Accounting, SAP R/3, Freshbooks, Google Docs, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho Invoice and more.

Can I keep my frequently used addresses in an Address Book?

YES ! You can now save your addresses in our address book.  You can import your contacts or create them.  This will save time when creating your letters.

Is it possible to verify an address before sending a letter?

You can now verify an address to ensure that your address is correct.  Postal Methods will do this automatically when sending your document.  If the address is not valid according to the USPS database, it will not process.  If you would like it to process anyway, you can forcefully send the document.

How Quickly Are Letters Delivered (Turn-Around Time)?

All documents from the past 24 hours are processed starting at  4:30 am CST.  Letters are transferred to a postal distribution center once a day Monday through Friday.   All mail is sent First Class, USPS, which generally takes 3-5 days depending on the location.  International mail can take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is dependent on the number of pages in your letter and on the size prepaid package that you purchase. Generally speaking, a one-page letter sent within the United States could cost from 76¢ to 99¢ for letters (this includes print, fold, insert, postage and mailing). Full details are available on the Pricing page.

What are Live and Test Work Modes

These two work modes (found on your Dashboard) determine whether your letters are actually sent out to their destinations or only simulated for free. Using the Test work mode is a great way for simulating what your letter will look like when received by its recipient. Read more about these work modes.

Do You Add Your Logo to My Letter?

NO!  We only add serial numbers and 2D bar-codes to the letter for fulfillment purposes. These marks cannot be associated with Postal Methods in any way. We also add an indicia and a bar-code on the envelope. That’s it. Read more about Bar Codes and LetterIDs

Is PostalMethods HIPAA Compliant?

YES! PostalMethods and its Business Associates are HIPAA compliant. Read our HIPAA Compliance Statement and find How to enhance privacy when posting through PostalMethods

What Does the Sent Letter Actually Look Like?

The document will be exactly the same as what you submit except that it will have a 2D barcode and integrity marks on the left margin. The Postal Methods logo will NOT be added to your document or envelope

Can I Have Multiple Users/Usernames Under an Account?

Yes, in fact, the new Postal Methods was designed with businesses in mind.  We have three different user types:  Super Admin (over the entire Account and all departments), Department Admin (ability to control users within their department) and users.  You can create Departments and assign users to those departments.    Or you can have your users under your main account if the segregation is not needed.

How Long Can I View My Letters?

Documents are kept for 1 year from the date they were received.

How Do I Design My Letter to Send Online?

When designing your document you should make sure you follow specific guidelines.  Click here to get the specifications.