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Postal letters can be sent through PostalMethods quickly and easily by sending an email with the letter as an attachment.  The attachment needs to be of a supported file type, and its first page must include the recipient address block in the proper location.  Nothing in the body of the email will display within your document.  Only the attachment.

Please note:  Email delivery is not HIPAA compliant.

This is a quick and simple guide for new users wishing to send a letter by email.

Step-by-step Guide

Create Your Postal Method’s Account:  If you do not already have an account, go to https://app.secure.postalmethods.com/auth/register to create one.

Email address of person sending the document: This address must appear under Account Settings/Email.  Wildcards can be used in this section to allow anyone within that domain to send documents using your account.

**If you send from a system other than your email account (such as Quickbooks) you may need to add your email address as the Reply to Address within that system.

To Address:  The “to address” on your email should always be send@secure.postalmethods.com

Subject:  The subject of your email can be used to help identify your document within the system.  It is placed in the Description portion of the Processed Documents.  It does NOT appear anywhere in the mailed document.

Email Body:  Any content appearing in the email body is ignored.

Sending a Single Document

Attachments:   All attached documents are used to create a single document.  Attachments are handled in the order they were attached.  The first page of the first document must contain the recipients postal address in the correct location.

  1. The recipient address or “send to address” must be placed in a specific location in order for the system to read it properly and ensure it’s visible through the envelope window once printed and folded.  The address should be located between 2.25 inches from the top of the page and 3.25 inches from the top of the page.  This one inch area should provide adequate space for up to 5 address lines.  A single address line should be no wider than 4 inches long.
  2. A return address is not required, however this is suggested.  The return address can be placed between 0.25 and 1.5 inches from the top of the page and 0.5 inches from the left margin.  If you are a business, your logo can go in this area as well as the address.
  3. Attach your document(s).  You can attach multiple documents, however you will only be sending one merged document containing the multiple files.  Be sure and attach the pages in the order wanted within the letter (i.e. upload page 1 first, page 2 second, etc.).
  4. Send the document to send@secure.postalmethods.com

**There is a 25 MB limit on the size of the attachment

Sending multiple letters by email

Multiple letters can be sent by zipping the individual documents together into one file and attaching it to the email.  Follow the same instructions as Sending a Single Document to ensure your address placement for each document is correct.

  1. Each document to be mailed must be one file.
  2. Zip together the individual files.  The name of the zip file is not used anywhere in the system.
  3. Attach the file to your email
  4. Send the document to send@secure.postalmethods.com
  5. Each document in the zipped file will be treated as one letter

Checking your letter’s status

  1. Login to the PostalMethods Quicksend Portal using the email address and password with which you registered.
  2. Find your letter in Processed Documents.  You can filter by Date Range or Description.