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The task of in-house print and mail can easily become a time-consuming burden for anyone. As an active partner for countless attorneys across the country, the Postal Methods QuickSend portal provides the ideal online legal printing service to upload and mail documents easily. Our secure and seamless online process allows you to upload legal documents, contracts, invoices, and many other forms. Postal Methods takes care of printing, folding, and stamping, saving you valuable time and effort.


Print and Direct Mail for Law Firms


Postal Methods’ Quicksend online portal is simple to use and can handle many different documents, from invoices to complex legal documents. It’s easy to set up your account and easier to use. Postal Methods allows your law firm to create users within your account and departments to enable you to allocate costs.  


Our payment packages are based on the amount you want to pre-pay.  


We have 6 different levels: 

  • Startup ($10)
  • Bronze ($50)
  • Silver ($100)
  • Gold ($1000)
  • Platinum ($5000)
  • Diamond ($10,000).  


The more you pre-pay, the greater your discount. You can take as much time as you need to use your funds. 


Postal Method has seven easy-to-use methods to process your important documents. We have you covered for all your mailing needs, from composing your document to uploading PDFs to creating a mail merge. One of our cost-saving features is address verification. You won’t waste money sending a document to the wrong address As the document process, Postal Methods verifies the address against the USPS database. If it does not match, your letter will not be mailed, and your account will not be charged.


Grow Your Legal Practice & Keep Costs Low


Postal Methods’ goal is to help grow your businesses by turning the time-consuming and expensive legal document printing and mailing process into a seamless online process. For example, using the QuickSend online portal, you can turn an hour-long affidavit mailing project into a 5-minute online process.


An opportunity to save money is also something Postal Methods offers. By using our legal mail service, you eliminate costs such as buying and storing supplies and labor costs to procure the mailings. Along with the natural cost savings of outsourcing your print and mail operations online, our pricing model has some built-in savings for you. 


Our pricing model is a pre-paid system with no fees or contracts. The more you pre-pay, the more you save with increasing discounts across our pricing packages. The last great thing about our pricing model is that your money never goes away. Once you purchase a pre-paid package, that money stays in your account forever, and the discounts that come with your package purchase also stay with your account until you purchase another pre-paid package. 


We Provide The Following Solutions For Legal Practitioners


We currently work with law firms across the country, and they have sent legal documents of all kinds with ease and security. With over 27 years of print and mail experience, we have the state of the art equipment and necessary security procedures to facilitate any needs law firms might have. 


Below is a list of the different types of legal documents we handle daily.

  • Briefs
  • Affidavits
  • Depositions
  • Correspondence
  • Motions, pleadings, petitions
  • Transcripts
  • Contracts
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Corporate Agreements
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Takeover Offers
  • Petitions
  • And More


Sometimes our online offered solutions might not fit your business needs. At Postal Methods, we can offer customized legal brief printing services and mail solutions. We provide a broad array of services to diverse sectors, from attorney offices to major law firms. We combine advanced technical expertise with superior service to deliver quality, on-time results at a fair price. Our innovative team of professionals will utilize the best available technologies to ensure a consistent, excellent outcome no matter what your printing needs.


Give Postal Methods A Try For Free


If you would like to try Postal Methods’ for free, you can create an account and use our test system. Anyone that creates an account can go through the different processes within the QuickSend portal. Your mailing will not go out, and you will have a message noting that the mailing is simulated. Our team is also available and is always willing to chat about any questions or concerns you may have.


Work With An Industry Leader Today


Postal Methods’ mission is to transform the way businesses print and mail so that you can focus on growing your practice. For law firms, there is no better option to send first-class or Certified mail than Postal Methods. Our clients consist of many law firms and attorneys who use our QuickSend portal and are passionate about how much our service has changed their business. Create an account now, or give us a call, and we can talk through how Postal Methods can work for you and your firm. 

Experience Secure, Legal Mailing Service with Postal Methods

If you’re looking for responsive service, coupled with the most advanced, customized solutions, Postal Methods is the right mailing solutions company for you. No matter the size or dimension of your mailing needs, we offer systems and solutions to getting your mail out quickly, easily, and efficiently.