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The Benefits of Sending Certified Mail Online for Legal Firms

10 Nov

The Benefits of Sending Certified Mail Online for Legal Firms

Law firms traditionally spend a lot of time, money, and effort on paper documents. Even though there is a strong movement toward a paperless future, some practices endure, like sending certified mail.

The benefits of online and virtual mail services are well-known. It reduces the inefficiencies of mail management, ensures prompt delivery of essential documents, and eliminates the need to manage paper files.

The cost savings alone are quite remarkable, but the gains in productivity are significant too. No more trips to the post office, fewer paper and print supplies used, and it’s virtually guaranteed that mail gets where it’s supposed to be quickly and more accurately than would be possible with traditional mail workflows.

What Are Certified Letters?

Certified letters are a service offered by USPS to guarantee that a letter has been delivered. Certification provides proof that the letter was delivered. Businesses use certified letters to ensure delivery. Certified mail has a tracking number and requires a signature, which proves that the right person received the item.

There are two types of certified mail:

  • Regular Certified is sent as either priority or first-class mail with a unique tracking number. Delivery is verified by a signature held at the post office, where it can be viewed for an additional fee. In other words, the receipt is not provided to the sender.
  • Return Receipt Requested requires an additional fee. A copy of the signature is forwarded to the sender, either via a return card or sent electronically when the item is signed for. These days, most certified return receipts are sent electronically.

Why Attorneys Send Certified Letters

Some court processes and legal documentation require confirmation that the item was received. In some cases, the receipt may become evidence in court proceedings. It proves intent to communicate, and inarguably, it’s critical to the legal process in many cases.

Types Of Legal Documents Best Sent Certified

Debt collectors use certified mail quite often, but that’s not the only reason to use the service. Any critical legal document, from estate and probate notices to tax returns, real estate titles, and settlement checks, all benefit from added security and protection. Sending legal documents via certified mail is a way to maintain the paper trail. If there is ever a dispute, the certified signature will hold up in court.

Benefits Of Sending Online vs. Going to The Post Office

Even before the pandemic, many firms had made the switch to remote operations. With so many legal services now available cheaply online, firms needed to reduce costs to make working with a firm more viable. Virtual law firms helped to solve this problem.

When the pandemic hit and offices closed, traditional firms were forced to work remotely/ Despite this widespread transition, a few key practices remained, such as handling postal mail.

So, let’s think about the sequence of events involved with sending and receiving certified mail:

  1. A certified letter is created with a return receipt card enclosed.
  2. The postal carrier attempts to deliver it.
  3. The carrier leaves a notice that there is mail requiring a signature at the post office.
  4. Personnel dispatches to the post office: 15 minutes in traffic.
  5. Parking: five minutes, give or take.
  6. Waiting in a crowded line in a poorly ventilated post office: 15 minutes.
  7. Receive and sign for certified mail regarding an inconsequential, non-urgent matter.
  8. Return to the point of origin: 20 minutes.

And what if the lawyer sending the certified document might have sent the same item to hundreds of people in the community? If you multiply the above by the number of recipients, it’s easy to see how inefficient the process is.

Add to that the possibility that the letter is being sent to an office that’s closed, meaning the mail likely won’t be picked up promptly. If the notice is critical, such a delay could create a domino effect of negative consequences that could have been avoided using online certified mail.

Sending certified mail online is simply smart business as it removes the complexities and expenses involved with managing and administrating postal mail services. It speeds up timelines and supports health and safety protocols, eliminating the need for unnecessary human contact while still providing the same legally verifiable guarantees.

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