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<h1 class="entry-title">Month: May 2021</h1>
27 May
2 Factor Authenciation

Two-Factor Authentication – Making All the Difference

At PostalMethods we value your security along with our drive to provide you a fast, efficient first-class mail service. Because of our dedication to keeping you and your information safe, we utilize the two-factor authentication system in order to achieve the greatest amount of security possible. The Importance of Security Sometimes, a strong password isn’t […]

20 May
How Many Stamps to Send Letter

How Many Stamps Does It Take to Send a Letter?

With PostalMethods, the answer is zero. Our primary purpose is helping you streamline the process of sending postal mail, and saving you money on stamps is one of the many benefits of our mail service. Save Time, Save Money From invoice mailing to statements to flyers, businesses send thousands of pieces of mail out every […]