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Two-Factor Authentication – Making All the Difference

27 May
2 Factor Authenciation

Two-Factor Authentication – Making All the Difference

At PostalMethods we value your security along with our drive to provide you a fast, efficient first-class mail service. Because of our dedication to keeping you and your information safe, we utilize the two-factor authentication system in order to achieve the greatest amount of security possible.

The Importance of Security

Sometimes, a strong password isn’t enough. Even with a sufficiently complex password, it’s still possible for malicious entities to obtain your information and use it to access your accounts. By enabling two-factor authentication, you put another line of defense between you and those who are trying to get your data. With two-factor authentication enabled, you allow greater security for your important information and give yourself the ease of mind that comes with knowing your most valuable assets are protected.

Two-Factor Authentication and HIPAA

PostalMethods is HIPAA compliant, which means that we adhere to the regulations set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. What this means for you is that we are verified in our ability to keep your information safe physically, administratively, and technologically.  Two-factor authentication is required in order to be considered HIPAA compliant. By utilizing this security measure, we ensure that your data stays safe from being seen or seized.

Set Up

Enabling two-factor authentication with PostalMethods is quick and simple. All you need to do is log in to the portal through our homepage and then go to Account Settings, the settings page, and then click on the slider to enable. After doing so, you will be prompted with a one-time passcode sent to your preferred email address whenever you log in.

At PostalMethods, we ensure security for all your first-class mail needs. To safely and effectively remove the hassle of handling your postal responsibilities, contact us through our website or by calling (833) 403-1015.