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29 Jun
HIPAA Compliance

What Does it Mean to be HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA compliance is an essential part of PostalMethods and is what makes our mailing capabilities as broad as they are. But what is HIPAA compliance, and why is it so important? What is HIPAA Compliance? HIPAA compliant Services is achieved when someone adheres to the rules set out by HIPAA, which stands for the Health […]

16 Jun
First Class Mail

What are the Benefits of First-Class Mail?

The USPS First-Class mail service is the most effective mode of delivery for information ranging from invoices to postcards. This level of mail is ideal for organizations looking for consistent delivery times while staying within a reasonable budget. Speed, price and additional services are a few of the reasons First-Class mail is the best option. […]

09 Jun
Send Mail Online

3 Reasons to Send Mail Online

When you send mail online, you get a variety of advantages over sending mail in person. Saving money, time, and resources helps your business continue to grow in the ways that matter and lets you allocate your energy to more productive endeavors. With PostalMethods, we take away the hassle of mail and transform it into […]

02 Jun
Mail For Law Firms

4 Reasons Why PostalMethods is Perfect for Law Firms

The majority of legal communication is still accomplished via physical mail.  Law firms regularly mail large volumes of documents to government organizations, opposing attorneys and other organizations. Some of the documents regularly mailed are: Lien Notices/Demand Letters – is a type of preliminary notice that warns the property owner, prime contractor, and/or other party on […]