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<h1 class="entry-title">Month: January 2024</h1>
18 Jan

The Evolution of Direct Mail: Combining Traditional Techniques with Modern Marketing Strategies

The Resurgence of Direct Mail According to Deloitte research, nearly a third of US consumers have felt swamped by digital devices and subscription management since 2020, leading marketers back towards the traditional medium of direct mail marketing. Contemporary marketers are rediscovering this tried-and-tested form of communication and its unique way of closing the gap between […]

16 Jan

Post Office will raise prices (Again) in January 2024

USPS rates for mailing will increase again in January.  If it feels as if the USPS has been increasing postage rates more frequently in recent years, you’re not imagining it.  This will be the sixth price increase since 2019. It’s part of a course correction by the U.S. Postal Service, which has been aggressively raising stamp […]

10 Jan

What Are The Benefits of Using an Online Print and Mail Service?

Using online print and mail services such as Postal Methods can offer several advantages for individuals and businesses. Here are some reasons why you might choose to use such services: Convenience: Online print and mail services allow you to handle the entire process from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. You can upload […]

02 Jan

Navigating the Paper Trail: Understanding Documents Law Firms Send via Postal Mail

In an increasingly digital world, the legal profession remains deeply rooted in traditional practices, and one such tradition is the sending of documents via postal mail. Law firms, by nature, deal with sensitive and confidential information, often requiring a secure and tangible means of communication. This article delves into the types of documents law firms […]