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18 Jan

The Evolution of Direct Mail: Combining Traditional Techniques with Modern Marketing Strategies

The Resurgence of Direct Mail According to Deloitte research, nearly a third of US consumers have felt swamped by digital devices and subscription management since 2020, leading marketers back towards the traditional medium of direct mail marketing. Contemporary marketers are rediscovering this tried-and-tested form of communication and its unique way of closing the gap between […]

26 Feb
Handwriting text writing Mass Mailing.

How Does PostalMethods Beat DIY Mass Mailing?

Even in the era of digital communication, sometimes a traditional postcard or paper notice can really get an important message across to its recipient. Several industries throughout the nation still rely on the printing and delivery of notices and statements.  Regardless of why a business uses print and delivery for mass mailing campaigns, DIY expenses […]

29 Jan
Concept of sending e-mails from your computer

Are Emails HIPAA Compliant?

Electronic messages have become one of the most common forms of personal and professional communication. Text messages and emails full of personal and important information are sent to recipients every day without a second thought. How safe are emails when it comes to healthcare and other extremely vital information? The quickest answer is, general emails […]

16 Jan
HIPPA Compliance web banner header w Medical Icon Set and text

Top Reasons Why You Should Care That PostalMethods is HIPAA Compliant

In 1996, patients across the United States benefited from the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Through the HIPAA law, confidential information was guaranteed to be kept private between patients and providers. However, there are times when these parties must send confidential information in the postal mail. This is a huge risk to […]

16 Dec
Background from mailing letters.

How to Send a Letter in the Mail

There are still times when you need to mail a document.  There are document types that cannot be securely sent by email.   Patient information or mailing legal documents are required to be sent by postal mail. Sending a letter in the mail can seem tedious but isn’t difficult once you follow these four basic steps: […]

11 Jun
A woman looking at her laptop warily

Have you ever tried faxing to the Credit Bureau?

Credit reports play a part in most major consumer lending decisions– including mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards, and private student loans. If there is inaccurate information in your report, it could cause a lender to offer you an interest rate that is less favorable than it would otherwise offer.  Some inaccuracies could even lead […]

03 May
A woman looking at her laptop in frustration

They Said They Never Received My Mail!

So sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but technically, no proof of mailing exists after-the-fact for First-Class Mail. However, we can offer an Affidavit of Prior Mailing, which is a legal document where we attest that we did everything correctly. Unfortunately, the fees for this service are $50; mainly because we tear the […]