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Are Emails HIPAA Compliant?

29 Jan
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Are Emails HIPAA Compliant?

Electronic messages have become one of the most common forms of personal and professional communication. Text messages and emails full of personal and important information are sent to recipients every day without a second thought.

How safe are emails when it comes to healthcare and other extremely vital information?

The quickest answer is, general emails aren’t a HIPAA compliant way to send private health information and notices. Your personal information can easily be intercepted by hackers and used against you.

Here’s a look at why people wrongfully think these forms of communication are safe and what steps you should actually take to securely share your vital information with a doctor or professional.

Why Are Emails Vulnerable When HIPAA is Involved?

When it comes to PHI, HIPAA regulations require that messages meet two standards:

  1. The information must remain encrypted during delivery
  2. The information should only be read by its intended recipient

Unfortunately, standard email delivery doesn’t meet these criteria. Even emails between a physician and a patient are an unsafe way to deliver PHI. When emails are sent between two servers, and one is located on the internet, the information is sent through simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). SMTP isn’t encrypted and presents an open door for hackers that can intercept irresponsibly sent emails and reap the benefits of your personal information.

This is why our HIPAA compliant portal solutions are so valuable for our clients.

What is the Safest way to Deliver a HIPAA Compliant Message?

The most secure way to send PHI that meets both HIPAA requirements is actually standard snail mail. Although HIPAA focuses on technical-sounding details, an envelope encrypts the message, and USPS employees make every effort to ensure that the only people who open these envelopes are their intended recipients.

This is why nearly every physician who needs to send healthcare or billing information does so through the mail. However, the time and expense put into having employees personally draft, address, and mail statements can become frustrating for a professional that must be HIPAA compliant.

Fortunately, we provide a simple HIPAA compliant way for physicians and professionals to draft and send mass notices through our portal and HIPAA compliant printing and mailing services.

How Does PostalMethods Ensure Your Delivery is Secure?

At PostalMethods, we believe that your vital information deserves to stay secure. We take every step possible to ensure that the messages created via our portal system stay between the message’s creators and recipients.

The technical security we offer through our portal gives users the opportunity to utilize our enhanced security preferences to ensure that their private information isn’t stored any longer than the time it takes for us to send the message. Our protected servers are located off-site and can only be accessed by approved personnel.

This guarantees that during the printing and delivery process all of your information will remain secure and away from prying eyes.

Keep Confidential Information Protected with PostalMethods

PostalMethods is dedicated to being a trusted mail and delivery service for our clients who must remain HIPAA compliant. We make sending HIPAA compliant mail simple and secure through our successful security processes.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or register as a new member and start sending protected mail today!