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What are the Benefits of First-Class Mail?

16 Jun
First Class Mail

What are the Benefits of First-Class Mail?

The USPS First-Class mail service is the most effective mode of delivery for information ranging from invoices to postcards. This level of mail is ideal for organizations looking for consistent delivery times while staying within a reasonable budget. Speed, price and additional services are a few of the reasons First-Class mail is the best option. When it comes to smaller packages under 15.99 oz., you will save money. First-Class delivery offers Return Service as well, meaning your customers can return items you send for no charge towards them.

First-Class Mail Takes Priority

  • ┬áTypically delivered in 2-4 business days. The USPS gives priority to First-Class mail over all other classes. Standard Class delivery can take anywhere from 5-20 days after being dropped off at a USPS facility. The USPS does not provide a delivery date guarantee for Standard Mail.
  • Required for any invoices, credit cards, or personalized correspondence. When mail is processed First-Class, the mail is touched less and processed quickly, keeping the utmost integrity of the mail piece.
  • Can still reach people with outdated addresses. If a First-Class mail piece is undeliverable, the USPS will forward the mail to the correct address, or return it to the sender, typically at no charge.
  • Best for peak mailing season. The holidays are busy for all, especially the USPS. Over 15 billion pieces of mail are processed during the holiday mailing season. Standard mail may take weeks to deliver, with drastic variations in delivery times.
  • Cheapest option for packages weighing less than 15.99 oz. On average, you will save up to $3.70 per package.

First-Class Service

At PostalMethods, we send all our documents via USPS First-Class mail. Our process makes it simple and cost effective to send mail online. Utilizing our service helps you save the time and money you need to put towards what really matters: growing your business and developing your company to be its best version of itself. For all your online mail sending needs, contact PostalMethods through our website or call us at (833) 403-1015.