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How USPS Address Verification Works

07 Jul
Address Verification

How USPS Address Verification Works

What is Address Verification?

Address cleansing and verification is an important aspect of postage sending, and likewise is an essential part of mailing organizations. The principal purpose of address cleansing and verification is to correct errors in postage, in order to make sure things get to their proper destination and that they are formatted in the U.S. Postal Service’s specifications.

Oftentimes, human error can lead to a variety of mistakes, especially when dealing with the various pieces of information that go into sending a letter or a package. From street numbers to street names to cities to states, there are plenty of opportunities to accidentally slip in one too many T’s or to forget to add an L. When such mistakes show up in your postage, the mailers have systems in place in order to correct the error. The largest and most effective form of doing so is utilizing CASS certified software, standing for Coding Accuracy Support System. CASS-certified software compares the shipping address you’ve put on a package with the USPS database to locate any incorrect information and have it corrected. The program will offer an alternative address for you to use, allowing you to either accept or deny it.

The Benefits of Address Verification

The most obvious benefit of address verification is its ability to effectively eliminate inconsistencies in postage, leading to a more streamlined and optimized system. Having the extra buffer to correct any mistakes allows for the USPS to get mail where it needs to go faster and more effectively. In addition, verifying the postage circumvents the cost of undeliverable mail and prevents back up as the postal service has to deal with correcting the original error. Fixing these issues makes your mail get through the system faster, which can be essential to your business when it comes to utilizing mail. Whether you need to quickly send a package to a client or you want to do a larger project sending out items to multiple potential customers, having addresses cleansed and verified speeds up your business postage to be as quick as possible. In addition, the room for error rises as more and more addresses are added to be sent to, which makes the system extra useful for people with mailing lists. The CASS system ensures that your postage gets sent to the proper addresses in the quickest possible manner while maximizing the amount of people it gets sent to.

Address verification and cleansing is an essential aspect of the mailing which allows correction to possible mistakes in packages and letters in order to make sure that they get sent to their proper address. At PostalMethods, we provide address verification for our clients in order to ensure that your letter or package gets sent to the right place. Whether you’re uploading a document or using a mailing list, PostalMethods verifies your addresses to make sure that your mail gets sent to the right place. To use PostalMethods’ service, navigate to our QuickSend portal to send mail or contact us at (833) 403-1015.