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How Many Stamps Does It Take to Send a Letter?

20 May
How Many Stamps to Send Letter

How Many Stamps Does It Take to Send a Letter?

With PostalMethods, the answer is zero. Our primary purpose is helping you streamline the process of sending postal mail, and saving you money on stamps is one of the many benefits of our mail service.

Save Time, Save Money

From invoice mailing to statements to flyers, businesses send thousands of pieces of mail out every year and spend thousands more on the cost of sending them. By using PostalMethods, we give you the time and save you the money on first class mail so you can focus on running and growing your business. With PostalMethods, there’s no need for the commitment of a subscription. To get started with Postal Methods, simply create an account and select your desired purchase tier from our selection of unbeatable print and mail pricing packages. Don’t miss out on opportunities prevented by putting your time into mailing, let us handle your first-class mailing needs.

Sending is Simple

Not only is sending with PostalMethods easy, but getting to know our system is as simple as creating a free account. Click on the register button in our header in order to make your account, and you will immediately see our options for mail services. It only takes a few minutes to utilize any of our powerful options.

  • Compose: composition in our text editor is intuitive and fast. Instead of taking the time to write an original letter and go through the process of composing, packaging, and mailing it, you simply type out your desired message and address and we handle the rest. You can even save your desired format as a template for future use, making the process even more streamlined.
  • Upload Letter: Already have a document ready to go? Simply upload it onto PostalMethods’ site and type in your address for it to be sent.
  • Mail Merge: The only thing better than getting your message out to everyone is not having to deal with the hassle of a mailing list. Simply upload a CSV file of your customer information, select the identifiers for each set of data, and PostalMethods will have your large-scale mail order ready to go.
  • Multi Documents: if you have multiple documents to be sent out, PostalMethods makes it easy to upload them all in one set and have them sorted out. All you need to do is upload a folder containing your desired documents to be sent, and then select how you would like your pages to be sent. Doing so is simple and visual. If you’d like more customization, you can manually select each page you would like to be separated.

Our portal is both easy to use and robust, accounting for simplicity in design but with plenty of options to fit your specific wants. Whether you want to compose a letter from scratch, upload a document to be sent, or have a mailing list you want to integrate, you can easily make use of our mailing service to best fit your company’s needs.

Integration with Ease

API integration allows for an even more seamless communication of information from you to us, and with it even more time for you to focus on what matters. Digitally link your databases with ours in order to easily send first-class mail with minimal input, allowing us to quickly and efficiently send out your documents which allows you to turn your energy towards business.

Let Us Help You

There’s plenty of time and money to be saved with PostalMethods. Utilizing our mail service solutions means you get to focus on growing your business and letting us handle all your mailing needs.

Contact us today through our website or by calling (833) 403-1015.