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How can Postal Methods Help Your Business

29 Nov

How can Postal Methods Help Your Business

Postal Methods can help you or your business with all your mailing needs.  We have several options to fit your business.   With our SOC 1 Type II and HIPAA compliance, you can be sure that your documents are handled in the most secure manner.

All our documents are mailed in either a double window envelope (less than 10 pages) or a single large window on our 9×12 envelopes (for more than 10 pages).  If your document is over 150 pages it will be placed in a box for mailing


What are the different ways you can send mail with Postal Methods?


Create Letter allows you to write the contents of your letter and mail it.  You can also upload documents behind the letter if needed.


Upload Document allows you to upload your document(s) and create a cover page with the address and return address.


This is similar to mail merge in Word.  Upload your csv, assign the fields and merge with either a template or PDF.  This is an easy way to create multiple documents.


This is Postal Methods’ most versatile app.  You can use this with one document or multiple documents.  It allows you to divide out your documents by number of pages, first page indicator or manually.  This option also has a function to help  ensure your address and return address in in the correct position for the double window envelope.


Certified Mail is a USPS service that helps you mail securely throughout the US.  When you send a Certified Mail item, you get a legally recognized proof of mailing.

We now offer two types of Certified Letters.

Certified Mail – this provides you a mailing receipt and a tracking number

Certified mail with Electronic Return Receipt – this provides you an email with the signature of the person who signed for the document.


If your needs don’t fit any of the options above, we also provide customized mailings that fit your needs.


Give us a call today!  Let us help you save time and money by handling all your mailing needs.  Our support team is ready to answer your questions.  Give us a call at 833-403-1015 or email us at support@postalmethods.com