Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I use PostalMethods for?

  • Invoicing - Mail invoices and order confirmations directly from order processing systems.
  • Marketing - Send colorful postcards immediately after a successful sales meeting using the data in your CRM.
  • Healthcare - Mail your patients their test results immediately when they are ready.
  • Accounting - Automatically send past-due payment notes.
  • Property Management - Send rent payment letter reminders and postcard alerts.
  • Regulatory - Comply with regulatory acts and automatically send mandatory notification letters such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and similar.
  • e-Commerce - Enable an e-commerce package to send confirmations, notifications and invoices by post.
  • Call Center - Have call center personnel send postal mail with no manual intervention.
  • Reminders - Send personalized periodical notifications to your customers.
  • And many more...

How do I send a letter?

You can submit messages by either one of the following methods:

Use a simple web form: Log in to the Control Panel Web Form, fill in the recipient and return addresses, write the content of the letter or paste content from MS Word.

Simply send an email: Send an email with an attachment as explained in our Send A Letter By Email guide.

Directly from your own application: Program a script to submit a message through our API, as explained in our Quick Start guide.

Create a batch of merged letters using Microsoft Word 2007: Use Word 2007 Mail Merge to prepare a batch of letters, merging data from your data source, and use the PostalMethods Word 2007 Mail Merge Add-in to quickly submit them for delivery.

Directly from these widely used applications: You can efficiently send letters by integrating PostalMethods to the following applications and services: Salesforce, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Office Accounting 2009, SAP R/3, Google Docs, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho Invoice and more.

How quickly are letters delivered (turn-around time)?

Letters are transferred to a postal distribution center once a day on business days. For example, mail sent from the USA is transferred at about 7:30 am CST, so mail submitted before that time will make it into the transferred batch. Once transferred to the USPS, it generally takes 3-5 days depending on the location. All mail originates out of Fort Worth, Texas.

How much does it cost?

The cost is dependent on the number of pages in your letter and on the size prepaid package that you purchase. Generally speaking, a one-page letter sent within the United States could cost as low as 75¢ for letters and $1.22 for color postcards, including everything. Full details are available on the Prices page.

Is the developer account really free?

Yes! The difference between a developer account and a regular account is that your letters will not actually get sent. Rather, your control panel will simulate the posting of letters. You can develop your application and see how the system reacts.

What are Production and Development Work Modes

These two work modes determine whether your letters are actually sent out to their destinations or only simulated for free. Using the Development work mode is a great way for simulating what what your letter will look like when received by its recipient. Read more about these work modes.

Do you add your logo to my letter?

NO! We only add serial numbers and 2D bar-codes to the letter for fulfillment purposes. These marks cannot be associated with PostalMethods in any way. We also add a stamp and a bar-code on the envelope. That's it. Read more about Bar Codes and LetterIDs.

Is PostalMethods HIPAA Compliant?

YES! PostalMethods and its Business Associates are HIPAA compliant. Read our HIPAA Compliance Statement and find How to enhance privacy when posting through PostalMethods.

What does the sent letter actually look like?

See an example below. This is an outside view; the document inside will be exactly the same as what you submit. The PostalMethods logo will NOT be added to your document or envelope (The bar-code on top was added at the receiving end, not by us):

Sample letter

How do I turn my free developer account into a regular paid account?

Login to your account, click Account -> Pricing & Buy. Complete the purchase and turn your user into live mode by clicking User Settings -> Posting and setting the Work Mode dropdown selector to Production.

Can I have multiple users/usernames under an account?

Yes. You can have multiple users (people) working under a single username (login), and you can have multiple usernames, so that each person, department, or web application in your business can review their own posting.

Where can I find your status and error messages?

Processing status code and Web Service error codes are available here.

How long can I view my letters?

Letters are only kept for 45 days.