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PostalMethods is a full-service printing and mailing facility. We have been assisting companies, individuals, and non-profit organizations print and mail services for over 20 years. Our automated solution eliminates the hassle of going to the post office to send mail. It’s fast and simple. Our online mail services will help you get a letter mailed in far less time than it takes to find a stamp and envelope.

For businesses, PostalMethods offers a lost cost easy solution. No more printing, folding, inserting, and stamping envelopes. Your business can focus on what you do best. PostalMethods online mail service will do all the work for you, saving you time and money.

Direct mail advertising is a proven, affordable and effective marketing strategy that will help you increase traffic to your business. How can we be so sure? According to research from the go-to source for marketing statics, the Data & Marketing Association, direct mail has the highest response rate by far when compared to email, paid search, online display ads and social media. PostalMethods can help you with this strategy.

We Offer 3 Ways for You to Send Mail:

Email Delivery

With Email Delivery, you can send one letter or multiple letters by simply sending an email message with your document as an attachment (for multiple documents, zip the files together and attach). We have easy to use templates to ensure your letter looks great.

Quicksend Online Web Form

To use the Quicksend Online Web Form, log into your PostalMethods account and use our Web Form to send letters & postcards quickly and easily. Just fill in the recipient and return addresses, write the content of the letter or paste content from MS Word and send the letter on its way.

API Integration

API Integration is for the technically advanced.We provide the ability to integrate your application or service to our Postal API. We provide code samples to many different applications.


PostalMethods support is here to help you. We offer online Chat, phone support, and email support. Let us help you get started!


Sample Uses

Send Letters
Securely + Reliably
Send letters securely and reliably from any business application. Use for invoices, quotes, and other important business communications. Enjoy special web-form to postal features and instant notifications.
Simple Process
Easy as 1-2-3
Experience the ease of our streamlined process - developed for efficiency! You submit your document by email or API. We automatically print, collate, insert, and stamp your letter. Your letter is delivered via standard postal service.
Pay As You Go
No Fuss. No Obligations.
Register for free with no obligations! Evaluate the service as long as you need. Once you are ready, set up our user-friendly pay-as-you option to use our service. No fuss. No on-going commitment. Just plain easy!