Postal API - Letter API and Postcard API

Send postal letters and postcards (snail-mail) using our SOAP-based Web Services API.

Developers may integrate their applications and service to the PostalMethods Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") Postal-API and send postal mail digitally.

Developers Quick Start
Developer Quick Start Guide
Be up and posting in 15 minutes or your money back*.
Developer's Guide
Developer's Guide
This document offers a service description from a developer point of view.
Postal API Reference Manual
Reference Manual
The formal, official repository of all PostalMethods definitions. Anything that's in here is the final word.
.NET, Java, PHP and RoR Code Samples
Code Samples
Code samples demonstrating how to use PostalMethods' various Web Service methods from a variety of development environments, such as .NET (VB.NET and C#), Java, PHP, Ruby-on-Rails, Perl, ColdFusion, Python and even ASP
Developers Forum
Discussion Forum
Take part in discussions regarding the Postal API Web Services and get tips that would help you send letters and postcards quickly.
* That's a joke, by the way, since developer accounts are free

Features & Benefits

  • No Hardware - No need to worry about printers, folding and inserting machines, metering equipment and hardware maintenance. Save expensive electricity and valuable office space.
  • No Software - No need to worry about presorting software and address verification (CASS, DPV and NCOA). Be up and running in minutes.
  • No Perishables - No need to worry about ink cartridges, paper stocks, envelopes and stamps.
  • Unlimited Scalability - Whether you need to send one letter or ten thousand, our servers get the job done.
  • Full Control - Web-based administration screens allow you to monitor activity and control settings.
  • Better health - Avoid poisoning due to stamps licking...

Sample Uses

  • Invoicing - Mail invoices and order confirmations directly from order processing systems.
  • Marketing - Send colorful postcards immediately after a successful sales meeting.
  • Healthcare - Mail your patients their test results immediately when they are ready.
  • Accounting - Automatically send past-due payment notes.
  • Property Management - Send rent payment letter reminders and postcard alerts.
  • Regulatory - Comply with regulatory acts and automatically send mandatory notification letters such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and similar.