PostalMethods Web-to-Post Service

PostalMethods is a convenient web-to-post gateway which makes it easy for businesses to automate the sending of postal mail from business applications.

The service can easily be used from:

PostalMethods makes it effortless to post invoices, send confirmations, or generate any other type of message via postal mail ("snail mail"). Additionally, letters can easily be issued from any online service or legacy application.

No more manual printing, folding, inserting, sealing, stamping, or delivering. PostalMethods does it all for you.


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About PostalMethods

PostalMethods is brought to you by the same people who operate Integ, an authentically full-service company-beginning with concepts to implementing strategies through data, printing and content delivery--ultimately tracking results on the back end.
This integration of services influences our name and the word integrity defines our people. Integ is a name you can trust and a company you can value.