Surprise Your Friends and Relatives with Personalized Postcards

August 29, 2019

Sending postcards is not something you think of doing anymore. People would rather just post their digital messages on apps like Facebook or Instagram and let everyone know what is going on.

But think about when you are traveling or on vacation. You often want to keep in touch with family and friends back home. Have you ever found yourself in a gift shop searching through the rack of generic, boring postcards? And you have good intentions of sending a postcard or two. But then you realize that you can’t find anywhere to buy stamps. Or you make your way to the post office only to realize that it’s Sunday and closed. The postcards end up crumbled in your bag and never get sent.

 With PostalMethods, sending postcards has become as easy as posting on Instagram or Facebook. And now they are personalized. Imagine the person’s excitement of getting a piece of postal mail that is not a bill or junk mail and is personalized! Use the PostalMethods Web Form to send letters online or postcards quickly and easily. Just fill in the recipient and return addresses, write the content of the letter or paste content from MS Word, and send the letter on its way. It’s easy!

Create your PostalMethods account
Click on QuickSend
Click on Send Postcard Enter the Recipient Postal Address: the postcard is sent to this address. Addresses are validated online before they are submitted.  The address is validated according to the USPS database and fails in case it is not accurate.

Additional Date – Description

This description is displayed in the activity tables and can help you identify your postcard later on. It is NOT placed anywhere on your postcard.

Compose Your Postcard

Write the content of your postcard under Content. You may use different colors and fonts. Click Preview at any time to see how your postcard will look.

You may use different colors and fonts. Click Preview at any time to see how your postcard will look.

Upload an Image

upload an image to be displayed on the image (front) side of your postcard. Click Preview to display your postcard.

Send Your Postcard

Click on the Simulate Postcard to simulate your postcard or the Send Live Postcard button to send your postcard to its recipient.

Don’t forget we are here to help you. Just give us a call or email us if you have any questions.