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Use PostalMethods to send postal letters and merged data from your Tigerpaw CRM+

PostalMethods enables Tigerpaw CRM+ users to send postal letters using the integrated mail merge feature and the PostalMethods Word 2007 Mail Merge Add-in. Tigerpaw users can send postal letters from anywhere they have access to the organizational CRM and to Microsoft Word 2007. With no learning curve, PostalMethods is easy to install and use. Use the Tigerpaw CRM+ integrated mail merge capabilities to design your document, select your data source containing your recipients' postal addresses and send personalized letters as snail mail with no effort.

Tigerpaw Software is the only solution that brings together all of the disparate pieces of your company - turning your organization into a cohesive, well-oiled machine. Tigerpaw is specially designed for telecom and IT companies and system integrators providing an end-to-end solution including sales, marketing, service management, invoicing, purchasing, accounting and product delivery management.


  • No more manual printing, folding, inserting, sealing, stamping or delivering
  • No need to buy and maintain any software or hardware - start sending today
  • Send letter from any desktop in your office
  • Letters are handled securely. Your data will not be used by anyone.
  • Send letters from your email client and other applications as well.


  • Letters sent in professional No. 10 sealed, double window envelopes
  • Your letter is in the mail within one business day
  • Send one letter or one hundred thousand - we can handle it
  • Using First Class Priority postage for fast and reliable delivery
  • Recipient address is verified automatically before delivery
  • In case of non-delivery, your letter is returned to you by the postal service

How to send letters using Tigerpaw CRM+

Read our detailed how to guide and send letters in minutes.

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