LessAccounting Online Accounting Service Instructions

You can send invoices to your customers directly from LessAccounting. Use LessAccounting to generate an email message with your invoice as a PDF document attached and send it to PostalMethods, where it will be sent as a postal letter within one business day.

Adjust the Invoice template:

As a preparatory step, we will need to create a new invoice template to be used for sending letters with PostalMethods. The recipient and return addresses need to be positioned correctly so they are clearly displayed through the envelope windows.

  1. Sign in to your LessAccounting account
  2. From the Settings selection tab appearing on the main navigation bar, select Templates & Cloneables
  3. In the Template Reference Title, fill in a name to clarify that this is the template used to send letters to PostalMethods, such as "Send Letter"
  4. Choose the Sarah template layout, appearing on the Layout 2 list and click Save
    Note: You can also adjust existing invoice templates for letter sending by setting its template layout to Sarah from the layouts list.

Send invoices by postal mail:

  1. From the Money In selection tab appearing on the main navigation bar, select Invoices
  2. Select an existing invoice you would like to send as a letter, or create a new invoice
  3. Choose the previously created "Send Letter" template
  4. Edit the invoice as you like. Once finished click Preview & Send
  5. At the Invoice Preview dialog box click on Go to Print/Send
  6. As a Methods of Sending select Email the invoice as a PDF Attachment
  7. In Who to send to, copy and paste the following email address to the Other Email Addresses line: send@letter.postalmethods.com
  8. Set the rest of the options as you please and click Send

An e-mail message containing the attached invoice is sent to PostalMethods. The address is extracted from the document; your invoice is printed, folded, inserted, stamped and delivered to the postal agency. You can see your letter being processed in the PostalMethods Control Panel Activity table.

Please Note

  • The email account you are using in order to send the email message to PostalMethods must be defined as an Allowed Email Sender in the PostalMethods Security Settings tab.
  • You can send letters via PostalMethods by using other applications, by using your favorite office application, by using our "Quick Send" web form or by using our advanced Web Services (for developers).
  • You can simulate sending letters for free in order to see how your resulting letter and envelope will look like. There is no charge for these tests. You can view your letters in the PostalMethods control panel. To simulate a letter simply include this string: /Development anywhere in the Subject line of your email and your letter will be simulated instead of being delivered to the postal service.