How To Send Letters From Buildium

You can send letters directly from Buildium editions: Property Management edition and Landlord edition. Use Buildium to export your tenants' contact details and use Microsoft Word Mail Merge, along with the PostalMethods Word 2007 Add-in to send a letter broadcast to your tenants.

Install the PostalMethods Word 2007 Add-in

Follow these detailed instructions and install the PostalMethods Word 2007 Add-in on your machine. The add-in is compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 only.

Export you tenants contact details from Buildium

  1. Log-in to your Buildium account
  2. Click on the Tenants tab and click Tenants

    Buildium - Select tenants for sending letters to
  3. Enter your Search Criteria for the tenants you wish to send a letter to and click Search

    Buildium - Search for tenants and send them letters
  4. Click the Export Data icon to export the list to Excel

  5. Save the exported Excel file (.csv) on your local computer
  6. Run Microsoft Word 2007 and go through the letters mail merge process as you usually do using the Excel file you saved earlier as your data source

Your document and needed fields from your source list are uploaded to the PostalMethods servers where they are processed and deposited into the system. This process may take a few minutes. You can see your letter being processed in the PostalMethods Control Panel Activity table.

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