Applied Systems® The Agency Manager® (TAM®)

Use PostalMethods to send letters from Applied Systems’ The Agency Manager ® (TAM®)

PostalMethods enables TAM®-users to send insurance letters conveniently. Post insurance related documents, containing merged TAM® data, as letters from your agency. With no learning curve, PostalMethods is easy to install and use.


  • No more manual printing, folding, inserting, sealing, stamping or delivering
  • No need to buy and maintain any software or hardware - start sending today
  • Send letter from any desktop running Applied Systems® The Agency Manager®
  • Letters are handled securely. Your data will not be used by anyone
  • Send letters from your email client and other applications as well


  • Letters sent in professional No. 10 sealed, double window envelopes
  • Your letter is in the mail within one business day
  • Send one letter or one hundred thousand - we can handle it
  • Using First Class Priority postage for fast and reliable delivery
  • Recipient address is verified automatically before delivery
  • In case of non-delivery, your letter is returned to you by the postal service

How to send letters using The Agency Manager®

Read our detailed how to guide and send letters in minutes

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