Perl: Send A Letter With SendLetter()


  1. Make sure your Perl environment is ready and create a new script.
  2. Copy the entire code below and paste the code in the Perl script.
  3. Replace MyFile.pdf with a path to your test PDF file. Remember, for method SendLetter() you must use a document where the recipient's address already appears on the first page of the document, in such a way that it shows through the envelope window. You can use one of our Sample Letter Documents.
  4. Replace MyUsername and MyPassword with your PostalMethods user details
  5. Run your script. It will send a letter to the SendLetter() Web Service method. If the response is a positive number, you will be able to see your letter in the PostalMethods control panel.
  6. If the response is negative number, check the Web Service Status Codes section.

That's it - you have successfully sent a letter through PostalMethods. Congratulations!

use strict;
use warnings;
use SOAP::Lite;
use MIME::Base64;
my $MyUsername = 'MyUsername';
my $MyPassword = 'MyPassword';
my $MyDescription = 'MyDescription';
# When using this method your file must include the address block in
# its proper location for the envelope type you wish to use.
# For supported file types, see
my $MyFile = 'MyFile.pdf';
#  Read file as binary in 1K blocks
my ($file, $data);
open FILE, $MyFile;
while (read FILE, $data, 1024 != 0) {
    $file .= $data;
close FILE;
$file = encode_base64($file);
my $soap = SOAP::Lite
    -> uri('PostalMethods')
    -> on_action( sub { join '/', 'PostalMethods', $_[1] } )
    -> proxy('');
my $statusCode =  $soap->SendLetter( 
			SOAP::Data->new(name => 'Username', value => $MyUsername)->uri('PostalMethods'),
			SOAP::Data->new(name => 'Password', value => $MyPassword)->uri('PostalMethods'),
		        SOAP::Data->new(name => 'MyDescription', value => $MyDescription)->uri('PostalMethods'),
			SOAP::Data->new(name => 'FileExtension', value => 'pdf')->uri('PostalMethods'),
			SOAP::Data->new(name => 'FileBinaryData', value => $file)->uri('PostalMethods'),
if($statusCode > 0){
  # A positive value means the message was successfully queued for processing.
  # The PostalMethods Letter ID is returned.
  print "Message submitted successfully with transaction ID " . $statusCode . "\n";
  # A negative value means an error occurred.
  # See the PostalMethods Status Codes:
  print "Message submission failed on error " . $statusCode . "\n";
exit 1;