ColdFusion: Get The Status Of A Letter with GetLetterStatusV2()


  1. Make sure your ColdFusion environment is ready and create a new CFM page.
  2. Copy the entire code below and paste the code in the CFM page.
  3. Replace the values of the cfset lines with your details:
    • Replace MyUsername and MyPassword with your PostalMethods user details.
    • Replace "MyResponseID" with the LetterID for which you would like to get the status.
  4. Start your application. If the response is -3000, you will see the status report. If the response is any other number, check the Web Service Status Codes section.
<!--- /************* Settings  Begin ****************/ --->
<cfset webserviceUrl = ''>
<cfset MyUsername = 'MyUsername'>
<cfset MyPassword = 'MyPassword'>
	check documentation for GetLetterStatus (
<cfset MyResponseID = 'MyResponseID'>
	for more details, check
	-3000 means successfully received Web Service request
<cfset ResultCodeOK = '-3000'>
<!--- /************* Settings  End ******************/ --->
	    <cfinvokeargument name="Username" value="#MyUsername#">
		<cfinvokeargument name="Password" value="#MyPassword#">
		<cfinvokeargument name="Id" value="#MyResponseID#">
<cfif GetLetterStatusResult.getResultCode() eq ResultCodeOK>
		Message submitted successfully for the transaction <b>#MyResponseID#</b><br>
		Description: <b>#GetLetterStatusResult.getDescription()#</b><br />
		LetterStatus:<a href=""><b>#GetLetterStatusResult.getStatus()#</b></a><br>
	Message submission failed on error <a href="">#GetLetterStatusResult.getResultCode()#</a>