The Administration Web service enables customers to handle many aspects of account and users' management programmatically.

Overview - basic terms

In the PostalMethods service, there are two main entities, with parent-child relationships:

  • Account
  • User (Child of Account; limited)


An Account is the administrative and paying entity. It holds billing and payment information, as well as the balance available for sending mail. Each Account can have one or more Users.

Accounts may be added manually by PostalMethods staff, or by registering online for service. They cannot be added through these administration methods.


A User is an operational entity. It is identified by a username and a password for the Control Panel and API key for Web Service requests.

One important property of the User is its permissions. A user with Administrator permissions has certain privileges in the scope of the Account and its users, e.g. can view other users' activity and can manage billing details.