"Push" Feedback Via SOAP XML


This method notifies your system of status changes to your PostalMethods items. The callback is structured as an SOAP call, so you need to have a SOAP server running on your end.


Define the location of your WSDL endpoint in the PostalMethods control panel under User Settings -> Feedback. Select Web Service and enter the endpoint into the Feedback URL text box.

Formal Definition

This is what your WSDL should look like


This Web Service should be hosted on your servers - waiting for PostalMethods to contact it with updates.

Property Type Comments
ID int Matches the ID provided as the response for the original Web Service request
ItemID int For future use. Default value: 1
Auth String (255) The authentication (AUTH) string is defined by the user in the Control Panel -> User Settings -> Feedback section. PostalMethods will provide this string when accessing this method. You may validate this string to make sure it is coming from PostalMethods.
Status int See the list of PostalMethods Status Codes.
StatusTime datetime Date and time when the update occurred. Returned in the user's time zone, as defined in the control panel.

Output: CallbackResponse

Element Type Comments
CallbackResult int The returned value should be the integer zero (0). Any other integer will be considered as an exception and a retry will be performed according to the Feedback Retry Policy.


Return a value of '0' (without the apostrophes) within node to indicate a successful reception of the HTTP POST callback. Returning any other value, or returning no value, will cause PostalMethods to retry according to a Feedback Retry Policy.