Open a PostalMethods developer account

Open a free PostalMethods developer account. All you're required to supply is your email address, a requested username and a password.

The free developer account will allow you to simulate the sending of letters through PostalMethods. You will get access to a fully functional control panel working in "Development Mode" (check out the top right corner of your control panel screen once you have access - you can see your mode at any time).

You can do almost everything that a live account can do, including:

  • Submit messages for web-to-postal messaging via SMTP, XML Web Service, and HTTP POST.
  • Review the image of a letter through the control panel.
  • Check the status of a message through the control panel (we simulate a successful delivery).
  • Query the status of a message via XML Web Service and HTTP POST.
  • Set user preferences - define permissions, stationery types, defaults, etc.
  • Turn your account into a live account in "Production Mode" by buying a prepaid package from within the control panel.

The only thing you can't do with a free developer account is to send a live letter.