Address Verification and Correction

Letters sent to the United States

Recipient addresses of mail items delivered within the United States are verified and updated by CASS-certified software to meet official USPS standards. CASS verification includes DPV as well.

Address verification corrects spelling mistakes, changes text case to uppercase, uses USPS abbreviations, completes missing information such as secondary address and ZIP+4. Most important it decreases the overall delivery time and increases the chances of successful delivery.

The corrected address automatically replaces the address provided by the user.

In case of a failure in address verification, re-check the address you provided and make sure all address details are provided. You may either send your mail again with the correct address or use the Fix & Resend feature in the Control Panel Activity section to fix the address.

Letters sent outside the United States

For letters destined to other countries, no address verification is currently applied. Text case is changed to uppercase.

In case the destination country was not specified in the last line of the address, the user's country is added to the address. You may change your user's country in PostalMethods' Control Panel -> User Settings -> General -> Country.