The GetUploadedFileDetails() method allows users to get detailed information of their pre-uploaded files.

Formal Definition


Property Type Comments
Username String As provided during registration
Password String As provided during registration

Output: GetUploadedFileDetailsResponse

Structure: GetUploadedFileDetailsResult

Element Type Comments
ResultCode int Result code for this Web Service request. Possible result codes appear in the Web Service Result Codes list.
UploadedFiles Array Array of FileDetails structures


Structure: FileDetails

Element Type Comments
FileName string Format: <filename>.<extension>
As provided in the UploadFile request
SubmitTime dateTime The date and time when the file was originally uploaded
LastUsage dateTime The date and time when the file was last used
Permissions String File permissions. Either a user’s name or Account See File Permissions
Description String A description of the file as provided by the user when uploaded
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