Open a PostalMethods developer account

Open a free PostalMethods developer account. All you’re required to supply is your email address, a requested username and a password.

The free developer account will allow you to simulate sending letters online through PostalMethods. You will get access to a fully functional control panel working in “Development Mode” (check out the top right corner of your control panel screen once you have access – you can see your mode at any time).

You can do almost everything that a live account can do, including:

  • Submit messages for web-to-postal messaging via SMTP, XML Web Service, and HTTP POST.
  • Review the image of a letter through the control panel.
  • Check the status of a message through the control panel (we simulate a successful delivery).
  • Query the status of a message via XML Web Service and HTTP POST.
  • Set user preferences – define permissions, stationery types, defaults, etc.
  • Turn your account into a live account in “Production Mode” by buying a prepaid package from within the control panel.

The only thing you can’t do with a free developer account is to send a live letter.

Send Letters
Securely + Reliably
Send letters securely and reliably from any business application. Use for invoices, quotes, and other important business communications. Enjoy special web-form to postal features and instant notifications.
Simple Process
Easy as 1-2-3
Experience the ease of our streamlined process - developed for efficiency! You submit your document by email or API. We automatically print, collate, insert, and stamp your letter. Your letter is delivered via standard postal service.
Pay As You Go
No Fuss. No Obligations.
Register for free with no obligations! Evaluate the service as long as you need. Once you are ready, set up our user-friendly pay-as-you option to use our service. No fuss. No on-going commitment. Just plain easy!