C#: Get Letter And Postcard Delivery Details with GetDetailsExtended()


  1. Create a new Console Application project and add a web reference
  2. Copy the entire code below, delete anything written in your application and paste the code there
  3. Replace “MyUsername” and “MyPassword” with your PostalMethods user details
  4. Replace “IDs” with a single ID of one of your sent mail items, multiple IDs (ID1,ID2,ID3) or a range of IDs (ID1-ID2)
  5. Start your application. If the response is -3000, you will see the details report. If the response is any other number, check the Web Service Status Codes section.
using System;
namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class GetDetailsExtended
        public static void Main()
            const string MyUsername = "MyUsername";
            const string MyPassword = "MyPassword";
            const string IDs = "0";       // To query a single mail item
            //const string IDs = "0,0,0"; // To query multiple mail items
            //const string IDs = "0-0";   // To query a range of mail items
            com.postalmethods.api.PostalWS objPM = new com.postalmethods.api.PostalWS();
            com.postalmethods.api.GetDetailsExtendedResult objResult = default(com.postalmethods.api.GetDetailsExtendedResult);
            // Invoke the GetDetailsExtended method
            objResult = objPM.GetDetailsExtended(MyUsername, MyPassword, IDs);
            // Check response status
            if (objResult.ResultCode == -3000)
                // -3000 means that the statuses were successfully retrieved.
                // Write them down.
                Console.WriteLine("Successfully retrieved results");
                foreach (com.postalmethods.api.ExtendedDetails Details in objResult.Details)
                // A value less than -3000 means an error occurred.
                // See the PostalMethods Status Codes: http://www.postalmethods.com/statuscodes.
                Console.WriteLine("Error is:" + objResult.ResultCode);
            // In debug mode, the following lines prevent your console application from closing automatically upon termination
            Console.WriteLine("Hit ENTER to terminate application");
        private static void WriteDetails(com.postalmethods.api.ExtendedDetails Details)
            Console.WriteLine("ID: " + Details.ID);
            Console.WriteLine("Status: " + Details.Status);
            Console.WriteLine("Status Description: " + Details.StatusDescription);
            Console.WriteLine("Completion Time: " + Details.CompletionTime);
            Console.WriteLine("Is Batch: " + Details.IsBatch);
            Console.WriteLine("Mailer Type: " + Details.MailerType);
            Console.WriteLine("MyDescription: " + Details.MyDescription);
            Console.WriteLine("Num Of Sheets: " + Details.NumOfSheets);
            Console.WriteLine("Price: " + Details.Price);
            Console.WriteLine("SubmitTime: " + Details.SubmitTime);
            Console.WriteLine("Work Mode: " + Details.WorkMode);
            Console.WriteLine("Print Color: " + Details.PrintColor);
            Console.WriteLine("Print Sides: " + Details.PrintSides);
            Console.WriteLine("Postcard: " + Details.Postcard);
            Console.WriteLine("Envelope: " + Details.Envelope);
            Console.WriteLine("Orientation: " + Details.Orientation);
            Console.WriteLine("Paper: " + Details.Paper); 
            Console.WriteLine("International Mailing: " + Details.InternationalMailing);
            Console.WriteLine("National Mailing: " + Details.NationalMailing);
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