Setting System Preferences

You can set default behaviors and preferences by logging into your PostalMethods account at and clicking User Settings. Some values you may wish to set are described below.


Time Zone

Set the time zone in which you wish all dates and times to appear. All date and time values provided by PostalMethods are in the user’s local time.


Allowed Email Senders

If you wish to submit your letters via email (SMTP) enter any email addresses which are allowed to send letters through the current username.


Set your letter stationery preferences, such as: Envelope, paper size and more. Currently, you can control whether your document is printed in black or in color and whether it is printed on one side of the page (simplex) or both sides (duplex).


These settings relate to feedback “pushed” back to you. They have no effect on status retrieved by “pull”.
(See Feedback By “Push” vs. “Pull” for more on these two feedback modes.)

Get Feedback By

Determines whether feedback will be returned to you by email or Web Service call (SOAP XML or HTTP POST). If your message is submitted by email, feedback will be returned to the Reply-To address, or if unavailable, to the From address.

When To Send

Determines the events that will trigger a feedback call.

Advanced Settings/Default Feedback Email

Feedback email will always be sent to the set email address. Use this setting in case you send letters using Web Service and want to received feedback by email or in case you prefer to always receive feedback to the same email.

Advanced Settings/Authentication

This string will be added to every feedback email header. You may validate this string to make sure the feedback is coming from PostalMethods. If not populated, this X-header will not appear in the message header.

Note On Date Formats

There is no online setting to determine how dates & times are displayed. Here’s how it works.

Dates displayed in your browser

The format of dates displayed in your browser is set by your browser’s language preferences. If this is set to en the display will default to MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS. To change this to UK convention of DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS, for example, set your browser’s highest-priority language to en-gb.

Dates returned in web service feedback

These are always YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS, for example 2008-05-31T10:46:17.

Dates returned in email feedback

These are DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS, for example 30/06/2008 13:20:18.

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