Best Practices In Designing With PostalMethods

Things To Notice When Using The PostalMethods Web Service

  1. Updating letter status: You may use the status query methods to check on your letters’ status and you may have PostalMethods contact you whenever a status changes, by using “Push” Feedback. Also read Feedback By “Push” vs. “Pull”. We recommend implementing the push feedback because (a) you are notified of changes as they occur; and (b) less resources are wasted. In addition, we recommend polling for statuses in low frequency, just as a fail-safe mechanism.
  2. Status codes may be added: Status codes may be added when new features become available so, in case you add codes and descriptions to your application, make sure it can handle unfamiliar codes.
  3. Rendering documents to PDF is a lengthy operation: Documents sent to PostalMethods are rendered to PDF format (even if the document was originally a PDF document). In case you automatically try to GetPDF, note that the rendering process is relatively lengthy and depends on the type of document, its size, remote images to download and current system load.
  4. Test using Development Work Mode: When sending mail items in Development Work Mode, they are only simulated and are not sent to the postal agency. This is a great way for testing during the development process. The Work Mode can be set as a user default or for every mail item in the Web Service method.
  5. It is not always possible to cancel the delivery of a letter: Cancel Delivery is only possible before the letter was printed. Make sure your application is ready to handle failure codes when trying to cancel a delivery.
  6. Sending to international addresses: When sending letters internationally, the last address line must include only the country name.  You must use the full country name.  Do not use abbreviations for any country or provence within a country.
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