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PostalMethods is a leading provider of messaging services that help companies better handle their postal loads. We understand that no single company – regardless of size, reputation, or service – can effectively supply all aspects of a customer solution. Therefore, we are seeking partnerships with technology companies to create a partner network that can effectively deliver all elements of a online postal mail service solution.


We offer two types of partnership – an “agent” relationship and a “reseller” relationship. The difference between the two manifests itself mostly in billing and branding. As an agent, you refer clients to PostalMethods and we take over from there, providing the service, supporting and billing the client. As a reseller, you might use PostalMethods to power an application or a service of your own, while maintaining a branded front-end and managing a billing relationship with clients.

PostalMethods Reseller

Integrate your application, service or software with PostalMethods and offer your customers letter sending capabilities. You open an account with PostalMethods and your customers send letters under your account. You choose how much of a discount to lock in for yourself by selecting one of our attractively-priced prepaid packages. You then charge your clients whatever price you set.

Who are we looking for? If you are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, independent software vendor (ISV) or provide an online service, this type of partnership may apply to you. Enhance your unique selling proposition by providing your users with postal sending capabilities and create a new revenue stream. You do not need our approval or to sign any complicated contracts – go ahead and start now.

PostalMethods Agent

Profit from existing and new professional connections. As a PostalMethods agent you earn referral fees by introducing your customers to PostalMethods. The referral fees are derived as a percentage of your customers’ postal activity.

Who are we looking for? If you are an IT consultant, provide outsourced software development services or sell an application, this type of partnership may apply to you. Simply refer your customers to register with PostalMethods through a co-branded landing page. Once they register, we handle everything – provisioning, support, and billing- while you earn a referral fee.


Whether you become a PostalMethods agent or reseller, our developer tools allow you to rapidly integrate postal services into your application or service. PostalMethods has been successfully integrated into invoicing, billing, insurance, marketing, travel, and e-commerce applications.

The developer program is free to join and free to use (in simulation mode) for as long as you need. Our application engineers are at hand to offer integration assistance through our developer forum or by contacting us directly. Whether you are developing in Java, PHP, .NET or any other environment, we will do our utmost to get your application up and mailing.

Your clients will enjoy a rapid application implementation (the core mailing commands require as little as five lines of code), no upfront costs, and no ongoing administration costs.

Benefits of Partnering with Postal Methods
Decrease your time to market
Offer a new and unique feature for your customers
Increase and diversify your revenue stream
Get unlimited high-level support and quick response time
Avoid service provision and maintenance headaches
What makes our services so great?
Saves Resources
Allows a fully automated creation of letters. No more manual printing, folding, inserting, sealing, stamping, or delivering. Saves on hardware maintenance, consumables, and mailroom staff.
Simple Operation
Letters can easily be sent from any email program, an ever-growing range of shrink-wrapped applications, or through a powerful SOAP API.
Great Performance
Our scalable system can handle virtually an unlimited number of letters.
Simple Implementation
Relatively easy one-time integration project. No initial investment needed. Can be integrated with any business applications or online service.
Quick Turnaround
Letters are delivered to a major USPS business distribution center in less than 24 hours.
High System Reliability
Great resources are invested to insure system redundancy and availability.
Free, Intelligent, Technical Support
Quick response by a professional technical support team.
Continuous Improvement
We adjust and improve our service to our costumer need, communicate regularly with our customers to gather input to improve our service and address real business needs.
Business Oriented
Our service was developed purely for businesses and for business related tasks.
Security and Privacy
Our customers’ data is handled with security and privacy in mind. We service many healthcare service providers who comply with the HIPAA standard
About PostalMethods
PostalMethods is a convenient web-to-post gateway which makes it easy for businesses to automate the sending of postal mail from their business processes. The service makes it effortless to post invoices, send confirmations, or send any other type of message via postal mail (“snail mail”). The service is brought to you by the same people who operate InterFAX (, a flexible and highly-reliable internet fax service. With more than 30,000 subscribers in 159 countries, we offer businesses of all sizes more than 99.9% availability of our services, quick turnaround times, and dedicated customer service.

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Send Letters
Securely + Reliably
Send letters securely and reliably from any business application. Use for invoices, quotes, and other important business communications. Enjoy special web-form to postal features and instant notifications.
Simple Process
Easy as 1-2-3
Experience the ease of our streamlined process - developed for efficiency! You submit your document by email or API. We automatically print, collate, insert, and stamp your letter. Your letter is delivered via standard postal service.
Pay As You Go
No Fuss. No Obligations.
Register for free with no obligations! Evaluate the service as long as you need. Once you are ready, set up our user-friendly pay-as-you option to use our service. No fuss. No on-going commitment. Just plain easy!