PostalMethods now powers snail-mailing from

What do you get when you combine, the leading collaboration platform on the web, with PostalMethods, a web-to-post gateway that allows you to automate postal mail? The ability to share, access, and collaborate with documents of any kind from anywhere in the world and then mail those documents through the post, as effortlessly as sending an email.

With, you can work on documents with others online in a shared workspace, where everyone can see and revise the files. Notes can be added in the form of wiki-style documents that keep track of everyone's input as you go.

PostalMethods adds the missing piece that enables posting directly from No need to send the documents to the printer, then collate, fold, label, stamp and mail them. Instead, simply click the "Send as Letter" action from Box and PostalMethods do it all for you.

The combination of Box and PostalMethods makes it possible for you to send your documents as snail-mail with greater convenience, speed and functionality than ever before.

Check out's blog post and the PostalMethods product page.