The GetLetterDetailsV2() method is a way to get a detailed report regarding a letter.

Formal Definition


Property Type Comments
Username String As provided during registration
Password String As provided during registration
ID int Matches the ID provided as the response to the original Web Service request.

Output: GetLetterDetailsV2Response

Structure: GetLetterDetailsV2Result

Element Type Comments
ResultCode int Result code for this Web Service request. Possible result codes appear in the Web Service Status Codes list LINK
ID int Matches the ID requested in this Web Service request
Price Decimal Total price, in US Dollars, of the letter.
NumOfSheets int Number of sheets of paper inserted to the envelope.
SubmitTime datetime Date and time when the letter was submitted to the PostalMethods service.
CompletionTime datetime Approximate date and time when the letter was delivered to the postal service.
Orientation String Portrait or landscape. Orientation used to print the user's document.
Envelope String Envelope used for this letter.
Paper String Paper used for this letter.
PrintColor String Full color or black.
Color used for printing this letter.
PrintSides String Simplex or duplex.
Printing method used for this letter.
NationalMailing String Mailing priority when sending within the account country.
InternationalMailing String Mailing priority when sending outside the account country.
WorkMode Production or Development Indicates whether the letter was processed completely ('Production') or only simulated as a test ('Development'). In case the letter is in Development Work Mode, it was not charged and the Price value only indicates the estimated price for such a letter