The SendLetter() method is the simplest way to send a letter through the PostalMethods service.

With this method, you must create a letter which includes the address block in its proper location for the envelope type you wish to use. Letter templates are available for the various envelope types that PostalMethods supports.

Formal Definition


Property Type Comments
Username String As provided during registration
Password String As provided during registration
MyDescription String Up to 100 characters.
Free text. User may add any text to help identify the request (UTF8)
FileExtension String The extension of the attached document
Example: pdf
See List of supported file types
FileBinaryData base64Binary Document to send represented as base64 encoded binary data

Output: SendLetterResponse

Element Type Comments
SendLetterResult int In case of successful submission, a positive number is returned indicating the letter's unique identifier on the system.
In case of failure, a negative number is returned indicating the failure reason. See the list of Web Service Result Codes.