Any Email Program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.

You can send postal letters with PostalMethods by simply sending an email. This is a quick and simple guide for new users wishing to send a test letter by email.
See Email Reference for full details.

Step-by-step Guide

Sending your letter

  1. Download a sample MS Word document and fill in the three content parts on the page – the sender block (your name and address), the recipient block, and the content area (or download a pre-filled PDF document if you’re just testing). Notice how the recipient address block is located where it’s visible through the envelope window once printed and folded.
  2. If you have not yet done so, register for a PostalMethods evaluation account. Registration is quick and you will be able to test PostalMethods for free. Make sure you register with an email address you have access to as you will need to send your letters from it.
  3. From the same email account you used for registering, create a new email message:
    1. Copy this email address into the To line:
    2. Write anything in the Subject line. It will help you identify your letter in the PostalMethods control panel
    3. Attach the file you downloaded in step #1 above and send the email.

That’s it! Your letter is sent.

Checking your letter’s status

  1. Login to the PostalMethods Control Panel using the username and password with which you registered
  2. Find your letter in the activity table by the email subject you used, which is now listed under My Description
  3. Click on the status icon to expend the activity line. You can see more details regarding your letter.
  4. Click on the View PDF and Envelope links to get an idea of how your letter will look once it’s printed and sent

Advanced Features

Check out the Email Reference for more functionality.

Send Letters
Securely + Reliably
Send letters securely and reliably from any business application. Use for invoices, quotes, and other important business communications. Enjoy special web-form to postal features and instant notifications.
Simple Process
Easy as 1-2-3
Experience the ease of our streamlined process - developed for efficiency! You submit your document by email or API. We automatically print, collate, insert, and stamp your letter. Your letter is delivered via standard postal service.
Pay As You Go
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Register for free with no obligations! Evaluate the service as long as you need. Once you are ready, set up our user-friendly pay-as-you option to use our service. No fuss. No on-going commitment. Just plain easy!