Supported File Types

Limitation: When using Address Inside, the document containing the delivery address must be in either MS-Word (doc, docx), textual PDF or HTML format.

Document Extension File Type
DOC, DOCX Microsoft Word 2007 and older
PDF Adobe Acrobat
HTML, HTM** HTML files
MHT** MHT web archive files; HTML with embedded images
ODF, ODG, ODM, ODP, ODS, ODT OpenOffice 3.1
URL** Windows URL files
Note: The contents of the linked page will be processed
XML Currently supported XML types: Microsoft Word 2007 XML
XLS, XLSX Microsoft Excel 2007 and older
Note: Only active worksheets will be processed
PPT, PPTX, PPS Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and older
RTF Rich Text Format
TIF, TIFF Group 3 TIFF, may be in standard or fine resolution
GIF Non-animated GIF files
JPE, JPEG, JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) files
PNG Portable Network Graphics
BMP Windows Bitmap
PCX PC Paintbrush Bitmap

** HTML documents are rendered using MS Internet Explorer, with all page margins set to 0.5 inch. Your HTML page margins should be zero.