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I have some basic questions which I could not find on your website;
- With the pre paid credit system, does the credit ever expire? ie. start of each month?
- If I was to send a letter to somewhere outside the location of USA, Mexico or Canada. It shall cost $1.55 for standard black letter of $1.01+$0.54=$1.55?
- If I run out of credit (or soon to run out of credits), is it possible for PostalMethods to automatically bill and purchase credit on my behalf? So I never run out of printing/postal credits?
- Does PostalMethod allow me to watermarking or display logos/graphic on the printed letters?
- If I do use your service, how secure is my data and the details of my customers?

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Dear Jason, - The prepaid

Dear Jason,

- The prepaid card has an expiration of one year.
- Yes. If you will send standard black and white letter to destination outside the USA, Mexico or Canada, the price will be $1.55. The price also depends in the number of pages it contains.
You can use the simulate letter option to test the system and view the price before actually sending the letter.
- To automatically purchase a new prepaid card, you can use the "Auto-Recharge" option (in the top right corner of the Control Panel). This way, PostalMethods will automatically purchase for you a new prepaid card whenever your prepaid card is depleted.
- You can add logos/graphic to your letters.
- PostalMethods save your data secure. You can use the "Enhanced Privacy" option (Control Panel: UserSettings > Security > Advanced Settings), this way your data will be deleted immediately from the PostalMethods servers to comply with enhanced privacy requirements.
You can read more here:

In addition, PostalMethods is HIPPA compliant. More details here:

With kind regards,
The PostalMethods Support Team