Error in sending mail

Hi PostalMethods,

Recently we found that some of our letters has failed to send. In the control panel screen, it says the error as Failed: Document could not be processed. Could you please explain us the reason for this error? We don't find any issues with the document. How can we process the same document?

Here are some of the letter IDs for which we got above error:

1. 1286277
2. 1286198
3. 1286192
4. 1274055
5. 1274329
6. 1274330

Looking forward for your reply!



Dear Raji, We are checking

Dear Raji,

We are checking this issue right now.
We will get back to you with an answer soon.

With kind regards,
The PostalMethods Team

Dear Raji, We have

Dear Raji,

We have investigate the issue, and we think we found the reason.

The problem was found on our side, and there is no problem with your documents as they are.

The issue is currently solved, and you may continue sending your letters to the system.

We are very sorry for all the inconveniences.

Thank you very much,
A. Honig,
PostalMethods support team.

Thanks Honig. Raji

Thanks Honig.