Sending large Pdf File (4 MB) fails


We are trying to send large Pdf file of size 4Mb. But it is throwing exception.

We are using sendLeterAndAddress method. It is working for small files.
Please let us know how should we proceed in this case ?
Should we first upload a file using UploadFile method ?
If yes, how should we use uploaded file in sendLeterAndAddress method ?
Please try to reply ASAP

Thanks in advance.


Hi InvestmentCafe, We are

Hi InvestmentCafe,
We are checking this issue right now.
We will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Hi Ganesh, Our system

Hi Ganesh,

Our system limitation:Maximum file size: 2MB for the generated letter or postcard PDF
If you have any more questions try to use this link:

Thank you,