Postcard address side

On the address side of a postcard ( does the provided image need to include the address (so the image is 4.5x6.25) or should it only be the content portion (3.375x3.125) and PostalMethods prints the address from the webservice call?



For the address side, the

For the address side, the provided image or document should be in full size (4.5" x 6.25") and include only the content that goes in the content portion (3.375" x 3.125"). PostalMethods positions the full image and then covers the reserved areas - barcode, postal address and indicia (postage). The recipient address that was provided in the Web Service call is then printed in its designated area.

Please note, if your content on the address side is textual, you may provide a textual document instead of an image. Following your question, I updated the website page you referred to and included a link to HTML postcard templates you may find helpful.

Thank you, that's exactly

Thank you, that's exactly what I needed!