Hi there - I signed up because I want to use your custom postcard service but I can't find any details about how to use it other than the pricing data within the "Pricing & Buy" tab. How and where can I send a custom image postcard?


You can currently send

You can currently send postcards via PostalMethods' Web Services, using the SendPostcardAndAddress method. It would be best to call us at 1-866-460-3621 for further details.

Is there anyway to send

Is there anyway to send Postcards in bulk? It appears that the tab provided only sends one at a time. I do have Java setup on my system and tested the sample letter with success but I don't have the experience to create a script that would send out several hundred postcards.


Hi James, Currently sending

Hi James,
Currently sending one postcard at a time is the only option.
Maybe the option to send bulk postcards will be available in the future.