Address Failure (-1018)

Some of my letters failed with error code -1018. I believe the address I used is correct. What should I do?


Error -1018 is documented on

Error -1018 is documented on our Status Codes page as Failed: Provided address does not contain the destination country. Recipient's address does not contain the destination country. This means that the provided address has failed address verification, for some reason.

Address Verification is a very important feature offered by PostalMethods. As part of our process, we verify addresses of US recipients to make sure they appear and are updated in the USPS database. The CASS and DPV verification insure that your letter will be delivered quickly and accurately. This feature saves our customers money since their letters will not be sent to non existing addresses.

To check whether an address is accurate, use the the USPS ZIP Code Lookup. If the USPS was able to verify your address, please contact PostalMethods support. If the USPS could not verify your address, please correct it and try again.