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Not sure if this is already possible, but It would be nice to have the possibility to add a return envelope with stamp already pre-paid.



This is a feature we are

This is a feature we are definitely considering and hopefully would support in the near future. There is no definite date for it yet though. We will sure let you know once we offer it.

Please add about ten votes

Please add about ten votes for this. We are wanting to use PostalMethods to send invoices and would like to make it easy for our customers to pay their invoices by providing the return envelope. Our current solution ( does this now. We are creating a system that has an invoicing piece to it that would use PostalMethods for postal mail invoicing. We intend to hit approximately 25,000 invoices per month in the first year after release and we would not have a problem paying for the envelope.

Count me in on this as

Count me in on this as well!

I am a Freshbooks user looking to cut costs a little, and at first, I assumed this was the company they contracted their "Snail Mail" stuff to... but the only thing Postal Methods appear to be lacking is the return envelope.

Add this feature and you have yourself a new customer who will send at the very least - a few hundred invoices per month.

Hello, Any update on this


Any update on this feature. Is it possible for us to add a return envelope inside the letter we send now? If so, how?

Awaiting your reply.


Still no update. This

Still no update. This feature is under development. Thr
Three Features Needed Return Envelope with stamp Delivery Confirmation Money Order

Hope it will in action

Hope it will in action soon.....
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The Reply envelope is

The Reply envelope is available.
Now you can send letters with reply envelope and perforation using the SendLetterAdvanced method. This feature allows the recipients of your letters to tear off payment slips, order forms or coupons and return them using a No.9 single window envelope. We’ll even print your reply address on your letter to fit the envelope window. We can also validate most US postal addresses automatically.