Fix And Resend Mail Items Failed Due To Address Verification

You can now handle mail items that failed due to unverified addresses. The recipient address of mail items sent to the United States are verified with a USPS database to make sure they are valid and properly formatted. Unverified addresses cause the mail item to fail (error -1018).

To fix a failed address and resend the mail item, go the Activity section in the PostalMethods Control Panel website, expend the line of the failed item, click on Fix & Resend, fix the recipient address and click resend. The address is verified online so in case the item was accepted you can be sure that the address is correct.

Please note, the mail item is sent in the same Work Mode he was in. If the item was in development mode, resending it will keep it in that mode and just re-simulate it. After it processed successfully, you can resend the simulated mail as live.


This is a nice new feature,

This is a nice new feature, certainly makes the mailing interface a lot more convenient for the user.

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